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The (Sr.) Radio Access Solution Engineer is responsible for the selection and functional designs of the radio access network including: Mobile radio access network systems (. 2G, 3G, LTE, Macro, Micro, Nano, Femto, repeaters WiFi, etc.) Translation of the required present and future Radio Frequency network capabilities, as set by the Network Architecture Department, through RF scenario analysis (power settings, frequencies, antenna combinations, site density, tilting, terminal sensitivities etc) into feasible solutions and HLD for the nationwide network, specifying the right radio ancillaries systems (. Antennas, feeders, cables, passive RF line elements etc). The (Sr.) Radio Access Solution Engineer will close the gap between the strategic and conceptual network decisions of the Network Architecture Department and the ready to deploy requirements of the Access and Transport Design department for the topics systems selection, ancillaries selection and RF HLD.

The (Sr.) Radio Access Solution Engineer will maintain the synchronization with the DTAG RN counterparts for the topics of voice and data, system (vendor) selection and introduction, RF engineering for 2G, 3G and LTE, RF ancillaries and repeaters and in building systems, ensuring the local requirements of our customers are taken into account and the right solutions are supported for local use.

Strive for standardization, simplification, challenge and refine the given requirements in order to ensure that quality, cost efficiency and reduction lie at the heart of all defined solutions.
Maintain and keep up to date design guidelines and relevant department documentation, in line with the reality to enable information sharing within the team and with other departments.

Key Accountabilities: Analysis, selection and delivery of the radio access systems in a team together with transport, infrastructure and energy specialists, taking into account the requirements and limitations of the other Infrastructure sub-departments (Design, Control, Architecture, Optimization etc.) Analysis, selection and delivery of the radio frequency design scenarios and expertise (RF design scenarios as well as Radio Ancillaries . antenna's, RF qualities of feeders and cables, etc.) in a team with transport, infrastructure and energy specialists taking into account the requirements and limitations of the other Infrastructure sub-departments (Design, Control, Architecture, Optimization etc.) Create and maintain the hardware and software roadmap for the radio access network elements in the our customers network Stay updated with the system and radio ancillaries equipment vendor's SW/HW roadmaps. Successful introductions of new radio access system platforms and/or new HW and SW releases according to agreed processes and procedures. Successful introduction and maintenance of a functional design (HLD) for the Radio Frequency Scenarios. Translate the delivered project requirements into documentation and publication of radio network systems and RF HLD design guidelines that can be used by the Access and Transport Design Engineer to create a low level design, data fills and/or RFC's. During the functional design the high level requirements will be refined and secondary requirements will be collected and challenged Participate and provide technical input in assigned projects and workgroups (local/international); deliver the required documentation. Can deal with the role of lead designer for the assigned projects and RFQs (local & international) Provide technical input for the radio access network elements towards the network architecture team, supporting the discussions for the future network infrastructure architecture Align standard radio access systems and radio ancillaries solutions with other technology departments, as well as synchronization with the DTAG counterparts. Pro-actively re-evaluate existing solutions and strive for standardization and simplification, ensuring efficient and cost effective dimensioning of the network infrastructure taking quality and reliability into account (New) services are end-to-end evaluated, tested, integrated and operational when introduced in the Network Infrastructure "Ready to Deploy" Creates technical and functional test and pilot documentation as step in the introduction process of Radio Frequency Scenarios and radio access system introductions: prerequisites for testing, test setup, what to test, how to test and expected results. These tests can either be in the live network or a reference lab. Either personally performs trials and pilots or is responsible for the activity by others. Driving and steering suppliers for optimum commercially offered radio access network elements solutions, aligned and negotiated between supplier and the organization and taking into account all aspects of scope, quality, planning and costs. 3rd line support in the problem management process. Oversees the day-to-day activities of work for the team and is responsible for the results. The Senior Radio Access Solution Engineer also acts as the main contact person for the Access and Transport Solutions team, with focus on taking in requests and tasks (. projects, analysis) from the manager or organization and allocating these among the (internal and external) Access and Transport Solutions team members. The senior role accepts the ownership and coordination of timely delivery of the output of the Access and Transport Solutions team members, next to the expected engineering tasks associated with the Radio Access Solution Engineer role in general. Has the skill sets and competences to motivate, coach and manages resources to achieve goals and planning. Possess an in-depth knowledge/skill and is also able to apply this knowledge/skill to solve complex problems and issues through simple, easy to maintain and robust solutions. Acts as a facilitator and mentor and is able to move the team forward. Builds an environment that supports co-operation among the work team and with other areas within the organization. Responsible for and driving the access and transport solution design board required to align design principles within the team.

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Adverteerder: DeCom Nederland

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