Luxe SPY-Watch met Camera + Microfoon

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Mooi en Chique uitgevoerd Polshorloge met ingebouwde digitale camera + Microfoon. Dit horloge met een geheugencapaciteit van 4 Gb kan maarliefst 7 uur film opnemen en is door bijgeleverde USB kabel zeer makkelijk uitleesbaar op de PC.

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Manufacter Specifications

This is a high class surveillance DVR wrist watch, encased in polished stainless steel and held to your wrist with black leather straps. Record up to 7 hours of video footage with this DVR wrist watch thanks to the 4GB internal flash memory, and view the artistic fruits of your labor, with a simple connection of the DVR spy watch to your laptop computer using the USB cable provided.

This "spy watch" type micro video camcorder is different than other models because of its full leather strap and sophisticated design that makes it look like a modest priced designer watch. This model works just like a real watch, and comes with accurate gear driven time in seconds, minutes, hours and a twisting crown for time adjustment.
This is the best way to record all your encounters, interviews, meetings and on the scene discussions without anyone knowing what you are doing. If you have ever had to spontaneously run into a meeting or had a sudden encounter with someone that just needed to be caught on camera, now you can instantly and secretively record that conversation for later review.

This model offers you the chance to record both video and close range audio simultaneously. This classy looking DVR "spy watch" is the solution for both ladies and gentlemen! The camera is beautifully disguised, no one will ever suspect being spied upon at all.

At a Glance...

-Leather Straps
-4GB flash memory
-Digital Video Camera
-Great as a spy watch!
-Primary Function: Spy DVR Watch
-Memory: 4GB
-Video Record Format: AVI (640 x 480, 20FPS)
-Recommended Video Range for Objects: up to 8 meters
-Built-in MIC: YES
Recommended Audio Range for Objects: up to 3 meters
Power Source: Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery (recharge directly from USB port)
Battery Life for DVR: up to 2 hours (when full charged)
Battery Life for Watch: Quartz battery life up to 3 years
Watch Design:

- Analog 12 hour display (hour, minute, second hands)
- Metal, leather and glass construction
- Time adjustment via crown
- USB port
- LED status indicator
Operating System Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, MAC OS
Dimensions: Watch Face Diameter:50 x H:15 (mm); Watch strap is designed to adjust to most wrist sizes

Product Notes

Looks very stylish will go well with both smart and casual wear
All round high quality leather and stainless steel material
Easy recording start and stop
Can also be used as portable USB flash drive

Package Contents:
Spy DVR Watch
Power Adapter (100-240V 50/60HZ)
User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Does this spy watch also record audio?
What is the best recommended range for audio recording?
-To record clear audio, the closer the better, works great for interviews, and records best within a range of 3 meters.
How many hours of footage can I store on the 4 GB's of flash memory?
-The spy camera wrist watch can store up to 7 hours of video with audio.

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