ZZ 572 C.I.D 620hp de luxe long block crate engine Artikeln…

Description: Chevrolet Performance's largest, most powerful street engine is here. The ZZ572 c.i.d. 620 hp deluxe long block crate engines are built around an all-new generation VI one-piece main seal tall deck--572 c.i.d. with approximately 9.6:1 compression, 620 hp at 5,500 rpm, and 650 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,500 rpm, with a recommended max rpm of 6,000.

These all-new race blocks have a 4.560 in. bore and are filled with forged 4340 steel cranks with 4.375 in. stroke, shot-peened forged 4340 H-beam rods, and forged aluminum pistons with full floating wrist pins. They include redesigned rectangular port aluminum cylinder heads with 118cc combustion chambers, and stainless steel valves at 2.25 in. intake side and 1.88 in. exhaust side.

Additional specs: Hydraulic roller camshafts are used with valve lift being .632 in. intake, and .632 in. exhaust side; duration at .050 in. for intake is 254 degrees and 264 degrees exhaust side. Hardened chromoly retainers are used with dual valve springs 1.50 in. coil diameter, 1.800 in. installed height with 197 lbs seat pressure. Aluminum roller rockers with 1.7:1 ratios, high performance one-piece push rods are installed. New Chevrolet Performance Parts tall deck single-plane intake manifold and 850 cfm Demon carburetors deliver the air. A GM distributor handles ignition; spark plugs and wire are included, along with new screened and louvered windage trays, High-rpm torsional dampers are used. Pump gas friendly, massive torque and horsepower, all from Chevrolet Performance.

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