Beyond control - Lachotzki, Noteboom

Hardcover gebonden met stofomslag, uitgave 2007, 236 blz. Engelstalig. Boek is in nieuwstaat. Eventuele verzendkosten (3,80 euro) zijn voor de koper.

Technology has made it possible to apply a new management philosophy. Leaders can let go and still be in control. They can involve key people without losing momentum. Companies can consistently measure organizational capability over time, and accurately benchmark a softa management areas, and a virtual CEO office really does work. Founded on three key insights (the operating arena; managing by pull and push; and the web--based dialogue centre), Beyond Control offers a revolutionary model for shifting the management focus from structured control to guided interaction. Using this approach companies can build a participative operating system that creates space for managers to excel, and avoids the unpleasant surprises that can lead to corporate scandals.

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  • Adverteerder Linda
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  • Plaatsnaam Hillegom / Teylingen / Lisse
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