Our Crowd - The Great Jewish Families of New York

Hardcover met stofomslag, uitgave 1967, 404 blz. met zwart/wit foto's en afbeeldingen. Engelstalig. Bladsnedes verkleurd; verder in goede staat. Prijs = vast. Eventuele verzendkosten (5,75 euro = boek past niet door de brievenbus) zijn voor de koper.

A fascinating, insider's view of one of the richest segments of a rich city: Jewish upper-class life in New York - vibrant, exotic, romantic, special - a city within a city.
New York's great Jewish banking families have presented - to the world outside their circle - a complicated facade: aloof, mysterious, clannish, even arrogant. Considering themselves an elite. One Hundred somewhat better-behaved than the Four Hundred, for generations the families married only within "our crowd." Today, the branches of family trees interlace endlessly.
The pivotal names are Loeb, Lehman, Lewisohn, Straus, Schiff, Seligman, Goldman, Warburg, Guggenheim; around them cluster those who succeeded in "marrying in" and those who tried hard to marry out of this "citadel of privilege, power, philanthropy, and family pride. "Where they came from; how they made their money (Goldman, Sachs; Kuhn, Loeb; Lehman Brothers); how they spent it (on, among other things, the Metropolitan Opera, the Museum of the City of New York, Lewisohn Stadium) provides the plot for this fascinating narrative.
Wokring with diaries, letters, and personal reminiscences supplied by memebers of the interwoven families, Stephen Birmingham has assembled a remarkable composite portrait.

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