Best Marine Chalet Beach

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 ● Conditie: Gebruikt
 ● Merk: Overige merken
 ● Model of Type: Chalet Beach
 ● Bouwjaar: 2015
 ● Lengte (in mtr): 12.00
 ● Breedte (in mtr): 4.00
 ● Diepgang (in mtr): 0.70
 ● Slaapplaatsen (aant):
 ● Hutten (aant):
 ● Rompmateriaal: Polyester

Experience the unique way of recreation on the water in a comfortable Water Chalet. The chalets of Best Marine are built of high quality materials and standard very complete. In addition to the model "Beach", which is suitable for 4+2 persons, there are also various other models available. The type of Beach features a large terrace above the water with roofing, for a charming and comfortable stay outside.You will experience water sports on a particular mode. The chalets fit into existing moorings of a marina. In Lelystad, at the Flevo Marina, you will find beautiful examples of the various possibilities and options. Best Marine has contacts with many other marinas throughout the Netherlands where you are also welcome with your Water Chalet. Next to the own use, the water chalets are ideally suited for the rental. Best Marine can, if desired, help you with the bookings and management. The mentioned price is the starting price with opportunities for your own wishes. Feel free to inquire about the many possibilities that this particular Water Chalets have to offer. For more information about selling the water chalets please contact: Paul Rimmelzwaan0031 (0) 6

 ● Merk: Best Marine
 ● Type: Chalet Beach
 ● Motor merk en type: [

Naam: European Yachting Network b.v.
Tel: 06-15656546

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