Vintage Bib Shorts

 ● Anatomical cut with a REGULAR wearability
 ● Silicone band at the bottom of the leg
 ● Double bedding fabric in Merino wool and Polyamide for unequaled comfort
 ● You can choose the pad according to your rides (H, CARBON, ROAD PERFORMANCE). For special requests, please contact us via the contact form
 ●  The price change according to the type of pad chosen
 ● Pure made in Italy since 1980
 ● Choose the correct size from the SIZE CHART


H Pad Man/Woman

Pad consisting of a flat surface in contact with the skin and a padding with different levels inside that provides greater protection where needed, ensuring softness and comfort.

The one-piece structure is flexible, light and avoids the formation of folds. Made of microfibre polyester, it is designed to adapt to the contours of the body allowing its natural movement.

“H” is produced with the high frequency process which avoids hardening and damage caused by the high temperatures used in normal modeling processes.

In order to guarantee permanent protection against bacteria, the fabric of the pad is antibacterial.

Carbon Man/Woman

Seamless padding, made with the “skiving” technique that avoids the traditional step structures of the foams. Thanks to this particular production technique, friction at critical points is minimized, eliminating discomfort and redness.

Skiving ensures superb well-being and an ergonomic fit to the rider’s body, the padded parts provide the correct support and maximum protection against impacts in specific anatomical areas, while the slimmer outer layers allow better anatomy and wearability (eliminating the effect diapers).

The padding of the pad is made of RESISTEX® CARBON:

Antistatic – Dissipative: because its special conductive fibers absorb and disperse the electrical charges produced and accumulated by the external environment or during physical activity.

Breathable – Thermoregulator: accelerates the process of evaporation of perspiration, slows down the formation of moisture on the skin, keeps the temperature constant.

Shielding: because it protects the body from the absorption of static energy, from electrosmog and from UV rays.

Bacteriostatic: because it respects the skin and protects it from bacteria and polluting dust, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies.

Performant: because during the physical activity the concentration of lactic acid decreases, improving the blood circulation and the oxygenation of the cells.

In order to guarantee permanent protection against bacteria, the fabric is “Bioactive”, in fact, thanks to the silver ions incorporated in the wire, it prevents bacterial proliferation.

Road Performance Force Man/Woman (hybrid)

The Road Performance Force pad is developed for extra-long distance rides. Specially designed for man anatomy, the central channel improves blood flow and helps reducing pressure and numbness. Saddle stability and fit are enhanced because of the multidirectional curvature, while air permeability is increased thanks to the air-mapping allowing a reduction of heat and increase of wicking properties.

The pad’s construction with polyamide and polyester yarns offers cooling functions and quick dry. Whereas the wings are soft and allow freedom of movements and protect the inner-leg area from chafing.

The Road Master Insert with Hybrid Cell System is also added to the perineal area of this cycling pad, making it the best solution for those who want breathability and extra-protection at the same time.


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